LM3914V/NOPB: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

LM3914V/NOPB Detailed Introduction:


The LM3914V/NOPB is a versatile monolithic integrated circuit (IC) designed to drive a series of LED bar graph displays or other output visual indicators. It is commonly used for creating visual voltage level displays or other analog indicators.



  • Supply Voltage: Typically 3V to 25V.
  • LED Current: Maximum current through each LED output.
  • Brightness Control: Adjusting the LED brightness levels.
  • Number of LEDs: Supports driving a specific number of indicator LEDs.
  • Reference Voltage: Sets the voltage threshold for LED activation.
  • DataSheet LM3914V/NOPB PDF

Main Uses:

  • Voltage Level Indication: Displaying analog voltage levels using LEDs.
  • Audio Level Meters: Visualizing audio signal levels.
  • Battery Charge Indicators: Showing the charge level of batteries.
  • Signal Strength Meters: Displaying signal strengths in communication devices.


  • Linear Scaling: Allows for a linear relationship between the input signal and LED display.
  • Internal Voltage Reference: Eliminates the need for external voltage reference components.
  • LED Driver Circuit: On-chip circuitry to drive LED displays directly.
  • Cascade Capability: Multiple LM3914 ICs can be cascaded for extended display ranges.
  • Low Power Consumption: Suitable for battery-powered applications.

Application Fields:

  • Audio Equipment: Used in audio level meters and VU meters.
  • Power Supplies: Indicating voltage levels in power supply units.
  • Automotive: Battery charge indicators in vehicles.
  • Industrial Control: Monitoring analog signal levels in control systems.

Working Principle:

  • Input Signal: The LM3914 responds to an analog input signal.
  • Voltage Division: Divides the input voltage into discrete levels for the LED display.
  • LED Activation: Each LED activates based on the division of the input voltage range.
  • Visual Representation: LEDs light up sequentially or in a bar graph pattern to represent the input signal level.

Alternative Models:

  • LM3915: Similar display driver with logarithmic scale output.
  • LM3916: LED display driver with logarithmic scaling and a wider voltage range.
  • LM3916: A dot/bar display driver with enhanced capabilities.

The LM3914V/NOPB IC is a specialized LED display driver suitable for various applications requiring visual representation of analog signal levels. Alternative models like the LM3915 and LM3916 offer different scaling options and features to cater to specific application requirements. For detailed specifications and application notes, refer to the manufacturer's datasheets for accurate information on these integrated circuits.

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