LM5017MRX/NOPB: Based on working principles, functions and applications

The LM5017MRX/NOPB is a high-voltage 100 V synchronous buck controller designed to regulate the output voltage of a power supply. Manufactured by Texas Instruments, it is utilized in various power management and conversion applications. Here's an overview of its working principles, functions, and typical applications:


Working Principles:

The LM5017MRX/NOPB operates as a synchronous buck (step-down) DC-DC controller. Its primary function is to step down a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. This is achieved by controlling the switching of an external MOSFET in order to provide a regulated output voltage.


  1. Voltage Regulation: The primary function of the LM5017MRX/NOPB is to regulate the output voltage of a power supply, ensuring a stable and precise voltage output even when the input voltage or load conditions change.

  2. Synchronous Rectification: The controller supports synchronous rectification to improve efficiency by reducing power losses associated with traditional diode-based rectification.

  3. Adjustable Output Voltage: It provides the ability to set the output voltage to a desired level, which makes it versatile across a range of applications with differing voltage requirements.

  4. Frequency Synchronization: The controller may feature the capability to synchronize its switching frequency to an external clock signal, facilitating system designs where synchronization is required.

  5. Protection Features: It may include built-in protection features such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and thermal shutdown to ensure safe and reliable operation.


  1. Industrial Power Supplies: Used in industrial equipment and machinery for power conversion and voltage regulation, especially in applications requiring high input voltages.

  2. Telecommunications Infrastructure: Integrated into power supplies for telecommunications infrastructure equipment, base stations, and networking hardware.

  3. Server and Data Storage: Employed in power management systems for servers, data storage units, and networking devices within data centers.

  4. Automotive Electronics: Utilized in automotive electronic systems for voltage regulation and power management, especially in automotive infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) applications.

  5. Renewable Energy Systems: Applied in solar inverters and other renewable energy systems as part of the power conversion and energy management systems.

  6. Test and Measurement Equipment: Used in laboratory instruments, test equipment, and precision measurement devices requiring stable and accurate power regulation.

  7. LED Lighting: Integrated into LED drivers and lighting control systems to regulate the power supply for LED lighting applications.

  8. Telecommunications: Applied in telecom and networking equipment where power regulation and efficiency are critical for reliable operation.

Additional Considerations:

When using the LM5017MRX/NOPB in a particular application, it is crucial to consider factors such as input voltage range, output voltage and current requirements, thermal management, external component selection, and appropriate feedback loop design to achieve stable and efficient power regulation. Careful consideration of these factors ensures optimal performance and reliability within the target system or application.

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