LTC6992IS6 Analog Devices IC OSC SILICON PROG TSOT23-6

The LTC6992IS6 is a programmable silicon oscillator IC manufactured by Analog Devices. Here is a detailed introduction to this specific integrated circuit:


  • Manufacturer: Analog Devices
  • Part Number: LTC6992IS6
  • Package: TSOT-23-6 (Thin, Small Outline Transistor) - This is a surface-mount package with 6 pins, known for its small size and versatility.
  • DataSheet LTC6992IS6-1#TRMPBF PDF

Key Features:

  1. Programmable Oscillator: The LTC6992IS6 is an oscillator IC that can be programmed to generate frequencies within a specified range.

  2. Silicon-Based Design: Being a silicon oscillator, it likely offers better stability and accuracy compared to traditional RC (resistor-capacitor) oscillators.

  3. Programmability: This IC is likely designed for ease of configuration, allowing users to set the desired frequency output through programming.

  4. Integrated Solution: The LTC6992IS6 probably integrates most components required for an oscillator circuit, simplifying design efforts.


  • Timing Applications: Used in various timing applications where a programmable oscillator is needed.
  • Clock Generation: Ideal for generating clock signals in digital systems.
  • Sensor Signal Processing: Suitable for sensor signal processing applications that require specific timing.
  • Communication Systems: Used in communication systems for generating precise timing signals.
  • Embedded Systems: Customizable for use in various embedded systems that require clock or timing signals.

Pin Configuration:

  1. VCC: Power Supply Input
  2. GND: Ground
  3. OUT: Oscillator Output
  4. FSEL: Frequency Select Input
  5. PRG: Programming Input
  6. CT: External Capacitor Connection for Frequency Generation

Please note that for precise specifications, programming details, recommended application circuits, and other technical information, referencing the datasheet provided by Analog Devices for the LTC6992IS6 would be crucial. The datasheet will provide in-depth details on operating conditions, programming options, timing characteristics, and application considerations, enabling you to effectively utilize the IC in your design.

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