The LTV-247 is an optoisolator, also known as an optocoupler, manufactured by Lite-On Semiconductor Corporation. Here’s an overview of the LTV-247 optoisolator:


LTV-247 Optoisolator Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Lite-On Semiconductor Corporation
  • Part Number: LTV-247
  • Type: Optoisolator
  • Number of Channels: Four channels
  • Isolation Voltage: 3.75 kV (3750V)
  • Package: 16-SO (Small Outline) package
  • DataSheet LTV-247 PDF

Key Features:

  • Optoisolation: Provides electrical isolation between the input and output circuits using light.
  • Multiple Channels: Contains four independent channels in a single package for isolating multiple signals.
  • High Isolation Voltage: Offers a high isolation voltage rating of 3.75 kV, ensuring robust isolation between circuits.
  • Compact Package: Packaged in a 16-SO format, suitable for compact board designs and space-constrained applications.


The LTV-247 optoisolator can be used in various applications including:

  • Signal Isolation: Prevents noise and voltage spikes from affecting sensitive components in different parts of a circuit.
  • Gate Drive Isolation: Isolates power circuits from control circuits in applications such as motor drives and inverters.
  • Communication Interfaces: Provides isolation in serial communication interfaces to protect connected systems.
  • Feedback Circuits: Used in feedback circuits to safely monitor and control power systems.
  • Medical Devices: Ensures electrical safety in medical equipment and devices.

Working Principle:

  • The optoisolator consists of an optical transmitter (LED) and receiver (photodetector) within a sealed package.
  • Input signals control the LED, emitting light that is detected by the receiver, creating electrical isolation through the absence of a direct electrical connection.

Suggested Projects:

  • Power Supply Isolation: Isolate low-voltage control circuits from high-voltage power circuits in power supplies.
  • Industrial Automation: Isolate sensors and control systems in industrial automation applications for safety and noise immunity.
  • Audio Equipment: Ensure signal integrity in audio equipment by isolating different stages to reduce interference.
  • Isolated Communication: Implement isolated communication interfaces in microcontroller-based systems for robust data transfer.
  • Safety-Critical Systems: Use optoisolators in safety-critical systems to meet isolation requirements and ensure system reliability.


  • Consult the datasheet provided by Lite-On Semiconductor Corporation for detailed specifications, electrical characteristics, and application guidelines specific to the LTV-247 optoisolator.
  • Understanding isolation requirements and the impact of optoisolators on signal timing and integrity is essential for successful integration into circuit designs.

The LTV-247 optoisolator from Lite-On Semiconductor Corporation offers reliable electrical isolation with high isolation voltage and multiple channels, making it a valuable component for applications requiring signal isolation and noise immunity in electronic circuits.

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