M30876FJAGP#U5 Renesas Electronics America IC MCU 16/32BIT 512KB 100LFQFP

The M30876FJAGP#U5 is a microcontroller unit (MCU) manufactured by Renesas Electronics America. Here are some details about this particular MCU:


  • Architecture: It falls under the family of 16/32-bit MCUs.
  • Flash Memory: It features 512KB of flash memory, which is used for storing program code and data that needs to be retained even when the power is turned off.
  • Package Type: The MCU comes in a 100-LFQFP (Low Profile Quad Flat Package) package. This package type is commonly used for surface-mount devices.
  • DataSheet M30876FJAGP#U5 PDF

The M30876FJAGP#U5 MCU is designed to be used in various applications that require a balance of processing power and memory capacity. Here are some potential applications:

  • Automotive: Engine control units, transmission control units, body control modules, etc.
  • Industrial Control Systems: Factory automation, robotics, process control systems, etc.
  • Consumer Electronics: Home appliances, smart devices, gaming peripherals, etc.
  • Communications: Routers, modems, network switches, etc.

As a 16/32-bit MCU with a considerable amount of flash memory, the M30876FJAGP#U5 can handle more complex tasks and data storage requirements compared to lower-end microcontrollers. It is important to consult the datasheet and reference manual provided by Renesas Electronics America for detailed technical specifications, electrical characteristics, and programming information specific to this MCU.

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