MAX3237EAI Rochester Electronics IC TRANSCEIVER FULL 5/3 28SSOP

It seems there might have been an error in your request. The part number you provided, the MAX3237EAI, is actually manufactured by Maxim Integrated, not Rochester Electronics. Here is a detailed introduction to the MAX3237EAI transceiver IC:


MAX3237EAI by Maxim Integrated


  • Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated
  • Part Number: MAX3237EAI
  • Type: RS-232 Transceiver IC
  • Package: 28-SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package with 28 pins)

Key Features:

  • RS-232 Transceiver: Full-duplex transceiver for RS-232 communication.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Supports a wide supply voltage range.
  • ESD Protection: Built-in ESD protection for increased reliability.
  • Low Power: Designed for low power consumption.
  • Enhanced EMI Performance: Designed for improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance.
  • High-Speed Data Rate: Capable of supporting high-speed data transmission.
  • DataSheet MAX3237EAI PDF

Features and Applications:

  • RS-232 Communication: Ideal for RS-232 serial communication applications.
  • Industrial Control Systems: Used in industrial control systems for data transmission.
  • Telecommunication Systems: Employed in telecommunications equipment for serial communication interfaces.
  • Embedded Systems: Integrated into embedded systems requiring RS-232 communication.
  • Computer Peripherals: Suitable for interfacing with computer peripherals using RS-232.

Package Information:

  • 28-SSOP Package: 28-pin Shrink Small Outline Package for surface-mount applications.


  • Serial Communication: Used for serial data communication between devices.
  • Data Acquisition Systems: Integrated into data acquisition systems for communication with a host device.
  • Networking Equipment: Employed in networking equipment for serial data transmission.
  • Monitoring Systems: Utilized in monitoring systems for data exchange.
  • Automation Systems: Integrated into automation systems for control and communication.


  • Robust Communication: Provides reliable RS-232 communication.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various systems requiring RS-232 interfaces.
  • Compact Design: 28-SSOP package for space-saving and surface-mount applications.
  • Low Power Consumption: Energy-efficient design.
  • EMI Performance: Enhanced EMI performance for improved reliability in noisy environments.

The MAX3237EAI by Maxim Integrated is a full-duplex RS-232 transceiver IC designed for reliable serial communication applications. With features like a wide voltage range, ESD protection, low power consumption, and high-speed data transmission capabilities, this transceiver is suitable for a range of applications including industrial control systems, telecommunication equipment, embedded systems, computer peripherals, and more.

For further technical specifications and electrical characteristics, it's recommended to refer to the datasheet provided by Maxim Integrated for the MAX3237EAI transceiver IC.

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