MAX3237EEAI Rochester Electronics IC TRANSCEIVER FULL 5/3 28SSOP

The MAX3237EEAI is an integrated circuit transceiver typically used for serial communication applications for industrial and communication systems. Here's a breakdown of its details:


  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics is an authorized licensed manufacturer and distributor of mature and EOL (End of Life) semiconductor components.
  • Part Number: MAX3237EEAI
  • Type: IC Transceiver
  • Configuration: Full 5 transmit / 3 receive channels
  • Package: 28-SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package with 28 leads)

This IC is designed with 5 transmit and 3 receive channels, providing the capability to handle multiple data streams in both directions, often used in industrial and communication systems that require bidirectional communication.

The 28-SSOP package is designed to be a compact and efficient packaging solution for surface-mount applications. The SSOP format allows for a higher lead count in a smaller form factor than traditional packages.

The MAX3237EEAI transceiver is likely used for applications involving various communication protocols such as RS-232. These transceivers facilitate the conversion of signals between different communication protocols and find widespread use in industrial, telecommunications, and networking applications.

As with any electronic component, please refer to the most recent datasheets and application notes to ensure that the product meets the specific requirements of your intended application.

DataSheet MAX3237EEAI PDF

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