MAX809REUR+T:Main uses,application fields and working principle

MAX809REUR+T Overview:

The MAX809REUR+T is a microprocessor (μP) supervisory circuit manufactured by Maxim Integrated. This IC is used to monitor the power supply voltage of a microcontroller or other digital ICs and ensure proper operation within specified voltage limits. It provides reset functionality to prevent erratic operation in case the supply voltage falls below a certain threshold.



  1. Voltage Monitoring: The MAX809REUR+T supervises the supply voltage of the connected device and generates a reset signal if the voltage drops below a specified threshold.

  2. Voltage Threshold: It typically has a preset voltage threshold at which it triggers a reset, ensuring that the microcontroller or logic device doesn't operate outside safe voltage limits.

  3. Reset Output: The IC provides a reset output signal that can be used to reset the microcontroller, allowing it to restart in a controlled manner after a power supply issue.

  4. Low Power Consumption: Designed for low power consumption, making it suitable for battery-powered applications or devices with power efficiency requirements.

  5. Small Package: The IC is available in a small surface-mount package, making it easy to integrate into compact electronic designs.


  1. Microcontroller Systems: Used in microcontroller-based systems to ensure reliable operation by monitoring power supply voltages and preventing erratic behavior in case of voltage fluctuations.

  2. Embedded Systems: Ideal for embedded systems where stable voltage levels are critical for proper functioning of digital circuits.

  3. Industrial Control Systems: Employed in industrial control systems to ensure continuous operation and prevent data corruption due to power supply issues.

  4. Automotive Electronics: Used in automotive electronic systems to monitor supply voltages and maintain system integrity in the event of power disturbances.

  5. Consumer Electronics: Applications include consumer electronics devices where maintaining stable power supply voltages is vital for overall product performance and reliability.

  6. Medical Devices: In medical devices requiring reliable operation and system integrity, the MAX809REUR+T can ensure proper functioning by monitoring supply voltages.

MAX809REUR+T: Main Uses and Application Fields

Main Uses:

  1. Voltage Monitoring: The MAX809REUR+T is primarily used for monitoring the power supply voltage in electronic systems.

  2. Microcontroller Reset: It generates a reset signal to microcontrollers and digital ICs when the supply voltage falls below a certain threshold, ensuring proper operation.

  3. System Integrity: Ensures system integrity by preventing erratic or undefined behavior in digital circuits due to voltage fluctuations.

Application Fields:

  1. Embedded Systems: Critical for embedded systems where stable power supply voltages are imperative for the reliable and continuous operation of microcontrollers and digital devices.

  2. Industrial Control Systems: Used in industrial control applications to maintain system reliability and prevent data corruption caused by power supply issues.

  3. Automotive Electronics: Ensures the proper functioning of electronic systems in vehicles by monitoring supply voltages and triggering resets when necessary.

  4. Consumer Electronics: Widely employed in consumer electronics to enhance system stability and prevent malfunctions resulting from power supply disturbances.

  5. Medical Devices: Vital for medical equipment where system integrity and reliable operation are paramount, safeguarding against voltage fluctuations that could compromise critical functions.

Working Principle:

  1. Voltage Monitoring: The MAX809REUR+T continuously monitors the supply voltage from the power source that is connected to the IC.

  2. Voltage Threshold Detection: It has a preset voltage threshold level. When the monitored supply voltage falls below this threshold, the IC triggers an internal comparator.

  3. Reset Signal Generation: The comparator signals the IC to generate a reset signal that is then sent to the microcontroller or connected digital circuit.

  4. Microcontroller Reset: This reset signal causes the microcontroller to restart or enter a safe state, effectively preventing erratic operation or data corruption due to inadequate power supply voltage.

  5. Continuous Monitoring: The MAX809REUR+T offers continuous monitoring of the supply voltage, ensuring that the connected system operates within safe voltage limits.

  6. Low Power Consumption: Designed for low power consumption, the IC itself operates efficiently and effectively for applications where power efficiency is crucial.


The MAX809REUR+T is a voltage supervisor IC with reset functionality designed to ensure the stable operation of digital systems by monitoring supply voltages and generating reset signals when necessary. Its features such as voltage threshold setting, low power consumption, and reset output make it a crucial component in systems where reliable operation is essential, such as in microcontroller-based applications, industrial control systems, and automotive electronics.

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