The MAX809SEXR+T, developed by Maxim Integrated, is an IC used as a single-channel voltage supervisor for monitoring power supply voltages and providing reset signals during power-up, power-down, and brownout conditions.


Here are the key details and features of the MAX809SEXR+T:

  • Part Number: MAX809SEXR+T
  • Type: Voltage Supervisor
  • Package/Case: SC70-3 (Small Circular 3-Lead Package)
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Reset Active-low: The reset signal is asserted when the monitored voltage falls below the specified threshold.
  • Manual Reset Input: Allows an external pushbutton to assert a reset during normal operation.
  • Supply Voltage Range: Typically operates at 1.1V to 5.5V
  • Reset Timeout Period: It offers different timeout periods, such as 140ms, 560ms, or 1120ms, ensuring stability during power-up.


The purpose of the MAX809SEXR+T is to supervise a system's power supply voltage and provide a signal to a microcontroller, digital signal processor (DSP), or other digital logic when the supply voltage drops below a preset threshold. This enables a controlled reset of the system, preventing erratic behavior due to insufficient power supply voltage.


This IC finds use in a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Microcontroller Systems: Providing voltage monitoring and reset functionality to ensure stable and reliable operation, particularly in safety-critical systems.
  • Embedded Systems: Used to manage the power-up and power-down sequences, ensuring a reliable boot process.
  • Battery-Powered Devices: Utilized to monitor battery voltage and signal low-battery conditions to the system.


  • System Reliability: The supervisor ensures that the controlled system powers up and down in a reliable and predictable manner, decreasing the likelihood of malfunctions or crashes due to undersupply of power.
  • Robust Operation: It supports a wide range of supply voltage, offering stability and reliability across various system configurations.
  • Manual Reset Input: The ability to accept a manual reset signal allows for user intervention under specific conditions.

In summary, the MAX809SEXR+T by Maxim Integrated is a single-channel voltage supervisor IC designed to monitor power supply voltages and provide reset signals in case of power anomalies, contributing to the stability and reliability of digital systems across a broad range of applications.

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