MBRS140T3G: Overview, Features, and Applications

The MBRS140T3G is a surface mount Schottky Power Rectifier diode manufactured by ON Semiconductor (previously Fairchild Semiconductor). This Schottky diode is designed for general-purpose rectification and is commonly employed in a variety of electronic circuits. Below is an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diode
  • Package: SMB (DO-214AA)
  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor (previously Fairchild Semiconductor)
  • Polarity: Unipolar - designed to conduct in only one direction, commonly used for rectification and reverse voltage protection.



  1. High Current Capability: The diode is designed to handle high currents (up to 1A), suitable for various power supply and battery charging applications.

  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: The diode exhibits a low forward voltage drop, which ensures efficient power conversion and minimal power loss.

  3. Fast Switching: It features fast switching characteristics, making it appropriate for high-frequency applications, such as in switch-mode power supplies.

  4. SMB Package: The SMB package is a surface mount package, designed for automated assembly and optimal thermal performance.

  5. High Junction Temperature: The diode is designed to withstand relatively high temperatures, ensuring reliability in various operating conditions.


  1. Power Supply Output Rectification: Commonly used in power supply circuits for rectifying AC to DC, especially in low voltage, high current applications.

  2. Reverse Polarity Protection: Used for protection against reverse polarity connections, safeguarding sensitive components from potential damage caused by incorrect polarity.

  3. Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS): The diode's fast switching capabilities make it ideal for high-frequency SMPS applications.

  4. Battery Charging Circuits: Frequently employed in rectification circuits for battery chargers, preventing reverse current flow and ensuring efficient energy transfer.

  5. Voltage Clamping: Utilized in various circuits to limit voltage spikes and protect sensitive components from voltage surges.

  6. Low Voltage, High Current Applications: Commonly used in applications where low forward voltage drop and high current capability are valued, such as in LED lighting and low voltage system power supplies.

The MBRS140T3G diode, with its high current capability, low forward voltage drop, and fast switching characteristics, is widely used in electronic designs, particularly in applications requiring efficient power conversion, low voltage rectification, and reverse voltage protection.

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