MC78LC40NTR Rochester Electronics IC REG LINEAR 4V 80MA 5TSOP

Rochester Electronics is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of mature and end-of-life semiconductors. The MC78LC40NTR is a linear voltage regulator integrated circuit that you mentioned. Here is a detailed introduction to this specific IC:


  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics
  • Part Number: MC78LC40NTR
  • Package: 5-TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package) - This is a surface-mount package with 5 pins, known for its compact size and efficient use of board space.
  • DataSheet MC78LC40NTR PDF

Key Specifications:

  • Voltage Output: 4V - This indicates that the regulator provides a fixed output voltage of 4 volts.
  • Current Rating: 80mA - The maximum current that the regulator can deliver while maintaining regulation is 80 milliamperes.


  1. Linear Regulator: The MC78LC40NTR is a linear voltage regulator, which regulates the input voltage to a constant output voltage using an active pass element controlled by a feedback loop.

  2. Fixed Voltage Output: This IC provides a fixed output voltage of 4V, making it suitable for applications that require a stable 4V supply.

  3. Low Dropout (LDO): It might have low dropout characteristics, meaning it can regulate the output voltage even when the input voltage is only slightly higher than the output voltage.

  4. Compact Package: The 5-TSOP package is compact, making it suitable for designs where space is limited.


  • Battery-Powered Devices: It can be used in battery-powered devices where a stable 4V supply is needed, such as in portable electronics.
  • Industrial Control Systems: The regulator can provide a stable voltage for various components within industrial control systems.
  • Automotive Electronics: In automotive applications where a reliable 4V source is required.
  • Consumer Electronics: For powering components in various consumer electronics that need a regulated 4V supply.
  • Embedded Systems: Suitable for powering components in embedded systems that require a fixed 4V voltage source.

Pin Configuration:

  1. Input (Vin)
  2. Ground (GND)
  3. Output (Vout)
  4. NC (No connection)
  5. NC (No connection)

Please note that for precise electrical characteristics, applications, and detailed technical information, referring to the datasheet provided by Rochester Electronics for the MC78LC40NTR would be essential. This datasheet will include information on operating conditions, electrical characteristics, pin configurations, application notes, and more, helping in the proper utilization of the IC in your specific circuit design.

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