MMA02040C4752FB300 Vishay RES SMD 47.5K OHM 1% 0.4W 0204

The part number "MMA02040C4752FB300" from Vishay represents a surface-mount resistor. Here is a breakdown of the information provided:


MMA02040C4752FB300 Vishay Resistor

  1. Description:

    • Manufacturer: Vishay
    • Part Number: MMA02040C4752FB300
    • Type: SMD Resistor (Surface-Mount Device Resistor)
    • Resistance: 47.5 kΩ (47.5 kiloohms)
    • Tolerance: 1%
    • Power Rating: 0.4W (1/2 watt)
    • Package Size: 0204 (size code for the package)
    • DataSheet MMA02040C4752FB300 PDF
  2. Key Features:

    • Resistance Value: 47.5 kΩ, which denotes the nominal resistance of the resistor
    • Tolerance: 1%, indicating the permissible deviation from the nominal resistance
    • Power Rating: 0.4W, which denotes the maximum power the resistor can dissipate without damage
    • Package Size: 0204, which represents the physical dimensions of the resistor
  3. Main Uses:

    • General Purpose: Suitable for various electronic applications that require a 47.5 kΩ resistance
    • Signal Conditioning: Can be used for signal filtering, voltage dividing, and current limiting
    • Voltage Regulation: Utilized in voltage divider circuits or feedback networks
    • Precision Applications: Ideal for applications requiring a resistor with a tight tolerance of 1%
  4. Working Principle:

    • SMD Resistor: Designed to be mounted on the surface of a circuit board
    • 47.5 kΩ Resistance: Provides a specific resistance value to limit current or divide voltage
    • 1% Tolerance: Ensures that the actual resistance stays within 1% of the specified 47.5 kΩ
    • 0.4W Power Rating: Can handle up to 0.4 watts of power dissipation without damage

The MMA02040C4752FB300 resistor from Vishay is a surface-mount device resistor with a resistance of 47.5 kΩ, a tolerance of 1%, a power rating of 0.4W, and a package size of 0204. It is suitable for a wide range of electronic applications that require a precision resistor with a specific resistance value and tight tolerance.

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