MMBT2907ALT1G: Overview, Features, and Applications

The MMBT2907ALT1G is a PNP bipolar junction transistor (BJT) manufactured by ON Semiconductor. This transistor is commonly used in various electronic circuits for its general-purpose characteristics. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: PNP Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)
  • Package: SOT-23, a surface-mount package
  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor



  1. PNP Transistor: The MMBT2907ALT1G is a PNP type BJT, which allows it to operate with negative ground and control positive voltage at the base.
  2. General-Purpose Use: Designed to be a versatile, general-purpose transistor suitable for various applications.
  3. Low Power Dissipation: Capable of handling low power applications, making it suitable for battery-powered devices and energy-efficient circuits.
  4. Medium Power, Medium Current Amplification: This transistor is designed for medium power and medium current amplification applications.
  5. Surface Mount Package (SOT-23): The SOT-23 package design allows for easy surface mount assembly, aiding modern electronics manufacturing.


  1. Amplification: Commonly used for amplification in various electronic circuits, including audio amplifiers, small signal amplifiers, and signal processing circuits.
  2. Switching Applications: The MMBT2907ALT1G is often employed in digital and analog switching applications due to its fast switching speed and low saturation voltage characteristics.
  3. Signal Processing: Used in oscillators, waveform generators, and other signal processing circuits due to its amplification characteristics and frequency response.
  4. Driver Circuits: Often used as a driver transistor in various integrated circuits, relays, and other loads requiring higher current or voltage drive than what the controlling circuit can provide directly.
  5. Voltage Regulation: It may find use in linear voltage regulation circuits, paired with complementary components, to regulate voltage in power supplies or other applications.
  6. Pulse Circuits: Applications include pulse generation and shaping, particularly in digital circuits or for applications requiring precise timing.
  7. Audio Amplification: Due to its general-purpose nature, it can be used in various audio amplification circuits.

The MMBT2907ALT1G PNP transistor, with its general-purpose design, medium power characteristics, and small surface-mount package, is widely employed in a broad range of electronic circuits, including amplification, switching, and signal processing applications.

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