MPSA13G ON Semiconductor TRANS NPN DARL 30V 0.5A TO-92

The MPSA13G is a NPN Darlington Transistor manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here are the key specifications and details about this component:


  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor
  • Part Number: MPSA13G
  • Type: NPN Darlington Transistor
  • Voltage Rating: 30V
  • Current Rating: 0.5A (500mA)
  • Package: TO-92 (Transistor Outline 92)
  • DataSheet MPSA13G PDF

Key Features:

  1. NPN Darlington Transistor: The NPN Darlington configuration provides high gain and is commonly used for applications requiring high current gain.

  2. Voltage Rating (30V): Indicates the maximum collector-emitter voltage the transistor can handle.

  3. Current Rating (0.5A): This specifies the maximum continuous collector current the transistor can handle.

  4. Package (TO-92): The TO-92 package is a widely used through-hole transistor package with three leads.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Darlington Configuration: Offers high current gain (hFE) due to the cascaded NPN transistors in the Darlington configuration.

  • Low Power Applications: Suited for low-power applications where amplification and high gain are required.

  • Switching: Can be used for switching applications in electronic circuits with moderate current requirements.

  • Driver Circuit: Commonly used in driver circuits for controlling higher power devices or loads.

Working Principle:

  • The Darlington pair inside the transistor provides a very high current gain by cascading two transistors. This configuration allows for significant current amplification with relatively low base current requirements.

Typical Applications:

  • Switching Circuits: Suitable for applications where low-power switching of moderate currents is needed.

  • Driver Circuits: Used as drivers for relays, motors, LEDs, and other components that require higher current drive.

  • Amplification: Employed in amplifier circuits where high gain is essential.

  • Control Circuits: Utilized in control circuits and signal processing applications.

Implementation Considerations:

  • Base Resistor: Ensure the proper base resistor is used to limit the current into the base of the transistor.

  • Heat Dissipation: Consider heat dissipation requirements if operating at higher current levels to prevent overheating.

  • Voltage and Current Ratings: Operate the transistor within the specified voltage and current limits for reliable performance.

  • Load Matching: Match the transistor to the load requirements to ensure proper operation and longevity.

Before integrating the MPSA13G NPN Darlington Transistor into your circuit design, refer to ON Semiconductor's datasheet for detailed specifications, pinout information, application notes, and usage guidelines to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your specific application.

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