MR4A16BCYS35R Everspin Technologies, Inc. IC RAM 16MBIT PARALLEL 54TSOP2

The part number "MR4A16BCYS35R" from Everspin Technologies, Inc. corresponds to a Parallel RAM IC. Here is a breakdown based on the provided information:


MR4A16BCYS35R Everspin Technologies, Inc. RAM IC

  1. Description:

  2. Key Features:

    • Memory Type: Random Access Memory for high-speed data access
    • Capacity: 16 Megabits of storage space
    • Interface: Parallel communication for faster data transfer
    • Package Type: 54TSOP2 provides a compact form factor for easy integration
  3. Main Uses:

    • Data Storage: Suitable for storing temporary data or cache
    • Embedded Systems: Commonly used in embedded systems, industrial applications, and networking devices
    • High-Speed Processing: Ideal for systems requiring fast read/write operations
    • Real-Time Applications: Suitable for real-time processing and applications requiring low latency
  4. Working Principle:

    • RAM: Allows data to be read or written in any order, making it ideal for temporary storage
    • 16 Mbit Capacity: Provides 16 million bits of storage space
    • Parallel Interface: Data is transferred in parallel, allowing for simultaneous transmission of multiple bits
    • 54TSOP2 Package: Thin Small-Outline Package with 54 pins for easy mounting on circuit boards

The MR4A16BCYS35R RAM IC from Everspin Technologies, Inc. is a parallel RAM chip with a capacity of 16 Mbit in a 54-pin TSOP2 package. It is suitable for various applications that require high-speed data access and temporary data storage.

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