MUR1640CTG ON Semiconductor DIODE ARRAY GP 400V 8A TO220AB

The MUR1640CTG diode array produced by ON Semiconductor is tailored for specific electrical applications. Below is an outline of the essential details provided:



Key Features:

  • Diode Type: General Purpose Diode Array
  • Voltage Rating: 400V (maximum reverse voltage the diode array can withstand)
  • Current Rating: 8A (maximum forward current the diode array can handle)
  • Package Type: TO-220AB (a through-hole power package with 3 leads)

Main Uses:

  • Rectification: Suitable for rectification and general-purpose applications.
  • Power Supplies: Frequently used in power supply circuits.
  • Inverters: Utilized in inverter circuits for DC to AC conversion.
  • Motor Drives: Found in motor drive circuits for controlling motors.

Working Principle:

  • General Purpose Diode Array: Designed for various general-purpose applications.
  • 400V Rating: Capable of withstanding voltages up to 400V in the reverse direction.
  • 8A Current: Capable of handling currents up to 8A in the forward direction.
  • TO-220AB Package: This package type provides a robust and reliable mounting solution for the diode array.

The MUR1640CTG diode array from ON Semiconductor is a component suitable for a range of general-purpose electrical applications requiring rectification and power distribution functions. With a 400V voltage rating and an 8A current rating, it is well equipped to handle various medium-power tasks efficiently.

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