NC7SZ14M5X ON Semiconductor IC INVERTER 1CH 1-INP SOT23-5

The part number "NC7SZ14M5X" from ON Semiconductor refers to a single-channel inverter IC in a SOT23-5 package. Here is a breakdown of the information provided:



Key Features:

  • Inverter Type: Single-channel inverter (Logic gate that produces the opposite logic level at its output compared to its input)
  • Input Count: 1 input
  • Package Type: SOT23-5 (Small Outline Transistor 23 with 5 leads)

Main Uses:

  • Logic Level Conversion: Converts logic levels from one voltage to another.
  • Signal Inversion: Inverts the logic level of the input signal.
  • Signal Processing: Used in digital signal processing circuits.
  • Clock Signal Management: Inverting clock signals in various digital systems.

Working Principle:

  • Logic Inverter: Produces the complement (opposite) of its input signal at the output.
  • Single-Channel: Has one input and one output.
  • SOT23-5 Package: SOT-23 is a small surface-mount package, and the "-5" in SOT23-5 indicates it has 5 leads.
  • Low Power: Typically designed for low-power applications.

The NC7SZ14M5X from ON Semiconductor is a single-channel inverter IC designed to invert the input signal it receives. These types of inverters are fundamental building blocks in digital electronics and are commonly used to convert logic levels, invert signals, and perform various functions in digital circuits.

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