NCP1011ST130T3G ON Semiconductor IC CTRLR/MOSFET 130KHZ SOT223

The ON Semiconductor NCP1011ST130T3G is a controller designed for use in switch mode power supplies (SMPS) in various applications like AC adapters and chargers. Here's a breakdown of its configuration, function, and application field:



The NCP1011ST130T3G integrates control functions as well as a high voltage power section. It's designed to control an external MOSFET. The device features a dedicated current sense input, an overvoltage protection comparator, a latching PWM for OVP and overload auto-restart, and an internal 7.8 V voltage reference.


  1. Control Functions: The NCP1011ST130T3G provides various control functions including skip cycle operation, leading-edge blanking (LEB), and internally fixed-frequency operation at 130 kHz. These features help regulate the power supplied to the SMPS.

  2. Overvoltage Protection: The device offers dynamically adjustable output overvoltage protection. This is a crucial feature in SMPS to protect the load from potential overvoltage events.

  3. Standby Mode: Additionally, it also comprises self-supply standby mode. This enables the device to consume minimal power during standby periods.

Application Fields:

The NCP1011ST130T3G is frequently used in various low standby power applications. Some common application fields include:

  1. Chargers: It can be used in AC adapters and chargers for small electronic devices. Its low standby power and control features make it suitable for these applications.

  2. Consumer Electronics: Given its compact size and effective power management, it might also be utilized in various consumer electronics where low standby power consumption and efficient power regulation are important.

  3. LED Lighting: This controller could also be applied in LED drivers or LED lighting power supplies.

  4. Industrial Applications: It can also find use in industrial power supply units where efficient control of power is required.

The NCP1011ST130T3G, with its integrated control features, is designed to provide reliable and efficient power regulation for various low standby power applications.

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