Ohmite HS100 22R F:Overview, Features, and Applications

The Ohmite HS100 22R F is a radial leaded wirewound resistor. Here's a summary of its overview, features, and typical applications:

HS100 22R F


The Ohmite HS100 22R F is a wirewound resistor designed to provide precise and stable resistance in various electrical and electronic circuits. As a radial leaded component, it is suitable for through-hole soldering onto printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies.


  1. Wirewound Construction: The resistor is constructed using a winding of resistance wire around an insulating core, giving it stable and predictable electrical characteristics over time and temperature.

  2. High Power Handling: This type of resistor is generally designed to handle relatively high levels of electrical power, making it suitable for high-power applications or where precision in power control is essential.

  3. High Accuracy and Stability: Wirewound resistors like the HS100 22R F are known for their high precision and stability in maintaining their resistance value over time and environmental conditions.

  4. Robust Construction: Typically, these resistors have a robust design, making them suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions and demanding applications.

  5. Radial Leaded Package: The radial leaded design allows for easy mounting on a circuit board through holes and provides a secure and mechanically stable connection.

  6. Low Inductance: Wirewound resistors are known for their low inductance, making them suitable for use in applications where minimizing inductance is important.


The Ohmite HS100 22R F and similar wirewound resistors are commonly used in various electronic applications, including but not limited to:

  1. Power Electronics: In applications such as power supplies, motor drives, and inverters where precision, stability, and power-handling capabilities are crucial.

  2. Industrial Controls: As part of control circuits in industrial automation and machinery.

  3. Frequency Filters: Wirewound resistors with low inductance can be used in high-frequency filtering applications.

  4. Test and Measurement Equipment: Providing stability and accuracy in measurement and testing circuits.

  5. Telecommunications Equipment: Due to their stable and high-power characteristics, wirewound resistors are used in telecom applications, within transmitters, and as part of signal conditioning circuits.

  6. Automotive Electronics: In various automotive systems where reliable and stable resistors are required.

  7. Aerospace and Defense: Within avionics, radar systems, and defense equipment where precision and stability are essential.

In summary, the Ohmite HS100 22R F wirewound resistor is designed for applications requiring stable and precise resistance values, particularly in environments where high power handling and stable electrical properties are crucial.

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