Op-Amp LM358P: Pinout, Circuits, and Datasheet

LM358P Op-Amp Overview:

The LM358P is a widely used dual operational amplifier IC manufactured by Texas Instruments. It features two independent, high-gain, frequency-compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages.

Pinout of LM358P Op-Amp:

The LM358P typically comes in an 8-pin DIP (Dual Inline Package) configuration. Here's a generalized pinout of the LM358P:

  • Pin 1 (Output A)
  • Pin 2 (Inverting Input A)
  • Pin 3 (Non-Inverting Input A)
  • Pin 4 (V- or GND)
  • Pin 5 (Non-Inverting Input B)
  • Pin 6 (Inverting Input B)
  • Pin 7 (Output B)
  • Pin 8 (V+ or Vcc)

LM358P Op-Amp Circuits:

The LM358P can be utilized in a range of circuit configurations to amplify and process signals. Here are some common circuit applications where the LM358P can be employed:

  1. Inverting Amplifier Configuration:
  2. Non-Inverting Amplifier Configuration:
  3. Summing Amplifier:
  4. Difference Amplifier:

LM358P Op-Amp Datasheet:

For comprehensive details on the LM358P op-amp, it's best to refer directly to the official datasheet provided by Texas Instruments. The datasheet includes information such as electrical characteristics, recommended operating conditions, application circuits, and more. Here's a brief outline of what you can find in the datasheet:

  • Electrical Characteristics: Specifications like supply voltage range, input offset voltage, input bias current, output voltage swing, and more.
  • Functional Block Diagram: Illustration of the internal structure of the op-amp.
  • Application Circuits: Various circuit configurations and examples of how to use the LM358P in different setups.
  • Package Information: Physical dimensions and thermal characteristics.
  • Operating Conditions: Recommended operating conditions and thermal performance ratings.
  • Absolute Maximum Ratings: Maximum values for various parameters to avoid device damage.

Referencing the datasheet ensures correct utilization of the LM358P in your circuit designs, helping achieve optimal performance and reliability.

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