PC817 IC Optocoupler Pinout, Circuit, Datasheet, and Uses

PC817 Optocoupler Overview:

The PC817 is a popular optocoupler, also known as an optoisolator, used to transfer electrical signals between two isolated circuits by means of light. Below is an overview of the PC817 optocoupler, including its pinout, basic circuit, datasheet, and common applications:

PC817 Optocoupler Pinout:

The PC817 is typically available in a 4-pin DIP package. Here is a general overview of its pinout:

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  Anode1 |1 +---------+
  Cathode1|2     LED   |

  Anode2 |3 +---------+
  Cathode2|4   Phototransistor
  1. Anode1 (Pin 1): Anode of the LED in the optocoupler.
  2. Cathode1 (Pin 2): Cathode of the LED.
  3. Anode2 (Pin 3): Anode of the phototransistor.
  4. Cathode2 (Pin 4): Cathode of the phototransistor.

PC817 Optocoupler Circuit:

The PC817 can be used to provide electrical isolation between two circuits. A basic circuit configuration typically involves connecting the input signal to the LED side and the output signal to the phototransistor side. Here is a simplified circuit setup:

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   Vcc(+) -------- Resistor ------ Anode1 (PC817) Cathode1 --------- GND(-)
                  Input Signal
   Vcc(+) -------- Resistor ------ Anode2 (PC817) Cathode2 --------- Output

In this circuit:

  • The LED side (Anode1 and Cathode1) is connected to the input signal through a current-limiting resistor.
  • When the LED is activated, it emits light that triggers the phototransistor on the other side.
  • The phototransistor side (Anode2 and Cathode2) allows current flow between an external source providing isolation between the input and output signals.

PC817 Datasheet:

  • Manufacturer: Sharp Microelectronics
  • Part Number: PC817
  • Datasheet: The datasheet provides detailed specifications, electrical characteristics, recommended operating conditions, application circuits, and more. You can find the PC817 datasheet on the Sharp Microelectronics website or other electronic component databases.
  • DataSheet PC817X PDF

PC817 Optocoupler Uses:

  • Signal Isolation: Used to isolate high-voltage or noisy signals from sensitive circuits.
  • Feedback Control: Employed in feedback loops to provide electrical isolation.
  • Level Shifting: Used to shift voltage levels between circuits with different operating voltages.
  • AC/DC Signal Detection: Enables detection of AC or DC signals in systems requiring signal isolation.
  • Switching Circuits: Utilized in switching applications to control external devices.

Additional Notes:

  • Optocouplers like the PC817 are essential components in designs where electrical isolation is required to protect components or users from hazardous voltages.
  • Proper resistor values need to be selected for the LED side to ensure correct current flow without damaging the optocoupler.

The PC817 optocoupler is a versatile component widely used in various electronics applications to provide electrical isolation and signal transfer between different circuits. It finds applications in industries ranging from industrial control systems to consumer electronics for ensuring safety and proper signal transmission.

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