PMLL4148L,115: Overview, Features, and Applications

The PMLL4148L,115 is a high-speed switching diode manufactured by Nexperia. It belongs to the family of small signal diodes which are designed for general-purpose applications, particularly in high-speed switching.



Manufactured with planar technology, this component is a general-purpose, high-speed switched-mode diode which encapsulates two electrically identical diodes in a compact, small-sized SOT23 plastic Surface Mounted Device (SMD) package.


  • General Characteristics: It's a high-speed, small signal diode with a forward current of around 150mA, and it can handle a maximum reverse voltage of 75V.
  • Package Type: It comes in SOT23 or TO-236AB package, suitable for surface-mount applications.
  • Twin Diodes: The unit includes two identical diodes in one package, useful for designs that need matched characteristics.
  • High Switching Speed: It is designed for high-speed switching, convenient for fast digital circuits or frequency generation.
  • Lead-Free and Halogen-Free: In line with contemporary environmental norms, these diodes are RoHS compliance.
  • Part Number '115': Number "115" is just a code for packaging information, which in this case usually means a specific type of packaging used for shipping and storing the product in a tape and reel compilation.


Given its features, PMLL4148L,115 is used in an array of applications:

  • High-Speed Switching: This includes usage in inverters, converters, and many types of modulation circuits.
  • General-purpose Switching: Suitable for switching moderate currents and voltages efficiently.
  • Telecommunications: Because of its high-speed characteristics, it's often used in digital telecommunication circuits for wave shaping and conditioning.
  • Computing: Used in logic gates or other high-speed computing circuits.
  • Power Management: Used for various roles in power supply circuits, like in rectifier stages.


Remember to always consult the datasheet for any component from the manufacturer. The details provided above give a general idea of the component's characteristics, but there might be other vital details in the datasheet that could be significant for certain applications.

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