RHRG30120 ON Semiconductor DIODE GEN PURP 1200V 30A TO247-2

The description "RHRG30120 ON Semiconductor DIODE GEN PURP 1200V 30A TO247-2" provides details about a specific diode manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here is a breakdown of the information provided:



  • Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

  • Part Number: RHRG30120

  • Description: DIODE GEN PURP 1200V 30A TO247-2

  • Diode Type: General Purpose Diode

  • Voltage Rating: 1200V (maximum reverse voltage the diode can withstand)

  • Current Rating: 30A (maximum forward current the diode can conduct)

  • Package Type: TO-247-2 (a package style with 2 leads)

  • DataSheet RHRG30120 PDF

Key Features:

  • General Purpose: Designed for general-purpose rectification and switching applications.
  • High Voltage: With a 1200V rating, it can handle high voltage levels.
  • High Current: Capable of handling up to 30A of forward current.
  • TO-247-2 Package: A widely used package style with good thermal characteristics.

Main Uses:

  • Power Supplies: Used in power supply rectification circuits.
  • Inverters: Commonly used in inverter circuits for converting DC to AC.
  • Motor Drives: Found in motor drive circuits where high current and voltage rectification are needed.
  • Switching Applications: Suitable for high-power switching applications.

Working Principle:

  • Rectification: The diode allows current to flow in one direction while blocking it in the reverse direction, enabling rectification of AC to DC.
  • 1200V Rating: Enables the diode to withstand and block voltages up to 1200V without breakdown.
  • 30A Current: Capable of carrying current up to 30A in the forward direction.
  • TO-247-2 Package: The TO-247-2 package provides efficient heat dissipation, crucial for high-power applications.

The RHRG30120 diode from ON Semiconductor is designed for applications requiring rectification, switching, and high power handling capabilities. Its 1200V voltage rating and 30A current rating make it suitable for a wide range of power electronics applications that involve high voltages and currents.

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