The part number SFH6186-3 from Vishay is an optocoupler, often referred to as an optoisolator. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Manufacturer: Vishay
  • Type: Optoisolator
  • Isolation Voltage: 5.3 kV
  • Technology: Transistor Output
  • Package: 4-SMD (Surface Mount Device)

This specific optoisolator provides an isolation voltage of 5.3 kV, making it suitable for applications where electrical isolation between input and output circuits is necessary for safety or noise reduction.

The "transistor output" designation implies that the optoisolator uses a transistor to drive the output signal, commonly providing improved linearity and higher switching speeds compared to other output options such as photodarlington or phototriac couplers.

The 4-SMD package type indicates that the optoisolator is designed for surface-mount applications, offering ease of assembly onto printed circuit boards and compatibility with modern manufacturing processes.

Optoisolators like the SFH6186-3 are commonly employed in various applications such as isolated power supplies, motor control, communication interfaces, and any system where electrical isolation is needed to protect sensitive components from potentially harmful voltages or to prevent noise from affecting signal integrity.

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