The SG3524N is an IC (integrated circuit) manufactured by STMicroelectronics and is specifically designed as a regulator controller with features suitable for flyback and push-pull power supply applications. Below is an overview of the SG3524N IC:

SG3524N Overview:

  • Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
  • Part Number: SG3524N
  • IC Type: Regulator controller for flyback and push-pull power supplies
  • Package: 16-DIP (Dual in-line package)

Key Features:

  • Regulation Control: The SG3524N is designed for regulating power supplies, particularly in flyback and push-pull configurations.
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): It includes features for generating PWM signals for controlling power switches in the mentioned types of power supplies.
  • Error Amplifier: Typically features an error amplifier for comparing reference and feedback signals to regulate the output.
  • Soft-start Functionality: Some versions of this IC may include soft-start features to manage power-up sequences smoothly.
  • Frequency Adjustability: It may offer options to adjust the switching frequency, enabling optimization for specific applications.
  • DataSheet SG3524N PDF

Pin Configuration (16-DIP):

The SG3524N IC in a 16-DIP package typically has pins dedicated to various functions including power, control, feedback, and output. Specific pin configurations can be found in the datasheet provided by STMicroelectronics.


  • Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS): The SG3524N is commonly used in SMPS designs, especially in flyback and push-pull converter topologies.
  • Voltage Regulation: It can be used in circuits requiring precise voltage regulation.
  • Power Inverter Control: Suitable for controlling power inverters used in various applications.
  • Battery Chargers: The IC can be integrated into battery charging systems for regulation and control.

Working Principle:

  • The SG3524N typically operates by comparing a reference voltage with a feedback signal from the output to generate a control signal that regulates the power supply's output voltage.
  • It utilizes pulse-width modulation to control the power switch in the power supply, managing the duty cycle to maintain desired output characteristics.


  • It is essential to review the datasheet of the SG3524N provided by STMicroelectronics for detailed electrical characteristics, application notes, and complete pin configurations to ensure proper use in a design or project.
  • Understanding the specifications and application guidelines specific to this IC is crucial for its proper utilization in power supply and regulation circuits.

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