SKY65723-81: Overview, Features, and Applications

The SKY65723-81 is a specific model number of a front-end module (FEM) manufactured by Skyworks Solutions. These FEMs are designed for use in various wireless communication and connectivity applications, particularly for mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things) products. Here's an overview of its features and potential applications:



The SKY65723-81 serves as a front-end module, which means it integrates various components essential for proper signal transmission and reception in wireless devices. These elements often include power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, switches, filters, and other relevant RF (radio frequency) components. This integration simplifies the RF design process and helps to optimize the performance of the wireless system.


The SKY65723-81 FEM may include a range of features designed to improve the performance and efficiency of wireless systems:

  1. Broadband Coverage: It may support broad frequency coverage, enabling operation across multiple cellular bands and wireless standards.

  2. Low Noise Figure: Designed to maintain a low noise figure, ensuring minimal signal degradation in receiver applications.

  3. High Linearity: The module may offer high linearity to ensure accurate and distortion-free signal amplification.

  4. Small Form Factor: These FEMs are typically designed to be compact, integrating multiple RF components into a single package, saving board space and simplifying system design.

  5. Low Power Consumption: Designed with efficient power management to minimize energy consumption, enhancing the overall efficiency of the wireless system.

  6. Integrated Filtering: It might incorporate filtering to minimize unwanted interference and improve signal purity.


The SKY65723-81 and similar FEM products are commonly used in a variety of wireless communication and connectivity applications, which may include:

  1. Mobile Devices: These FEMs are often integrated into smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, enabling reliable cellular and wireless connectivity.

  2. IoT Devices: Internet of Things products, such as smart home devices, wearables, and IoT sensors, often benefit from the performance and space-saving advantages of integrated FEMs.

  3. Wireless Routers and Access Points: For improved wireless data transmission and reception.

  4. Embedded Systems: Integrated into various embedded wireless systems for data communication and connectivity.

  5. LTE and 5G Devices: Ideal for devices leveraging LTE and 5G technologies, providing enhanced connectivity and performance.

Additional Considerations:

When evaluating the SKY65723-81 for a specific application, factors such as frequency range, power efficiency, and compatibility with wireless standards need to be carefully assessed. Its features should align with the requirements of the target application to ensure optimal performance and reliability within the intended wireless system.

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