SN6505BDBVR Rochester Electronics SN6505B LOW-NOISE 1-A, 420-KHZ T

The SN6505BDBVR is a low-noise, 1-A, 420-kHz transformer driver manufactured by Rochester Electronics. It is commonly used in power management applications, particularly in isolated power supply designs where galvanic isolation is required. Below is an overview of the SN6505BDBVR including key features, applications, and specifications:


SN6505BDBVR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics
  • IC Type: Transformer Driver
  • Package: SOT-23 (small-outline transistor package with three leads)
  • Maximum Output Current: 1 Ampere
  • Switching Frequency: 420 kHz (kilohertz)
  • Noise Performance: Low-noise design for improved signal integrity
  • Isolation: Used for creating isolated power supplies

Key Features:

  • Transformer Driver: Specifically designed for driving transformers in isolated power supply circuits.
  • Low-Noise Operation: Primarily meant to reduce noise interference in the system.
  • High Output Current: Capable of handling up to 1A of output current.
  • Switching Frequency: Operates at a moderate frequency of 420 kHz.
  • Efficiency: Designed for efficient power transmission in isolated applications.
  • DataSheet SN6505BDBVR PDF


  • Isolated Power Supplies: Used in the design of isolated power sources in various electronic devices.
  • Industrial Applications: Commonly employed in industrial control systems that require isolation in power supplies.
  • Communication Systems: Integrated into communication equipment to ensure signal integrity and noise reduction.
  • Medical Devices: Utilized in medical devices that demand galvanic isolation for safety and noise reduction.


  • Input Voltage Range: Check the datasheet for details on the input voltage range.
  • Output Voltage: Dependent on the transformer and circuit design.
  • Efficiency: Look into efficiency figures provided in the datasheet for different operating conditions.
  • Operating Temperature Range: The range within which the IC can function reliably.


  • The SN6505BDBVR is a specialized IC tailored for driving transformers in power supply applications, offering low noise and efficient power delivery.
  • Detailed circuit design guidelines, application notes, and electrical specifications can be found in the official datasheet provided by Rochester Electronics.

The SN6505BDBVR from Rochester Electronics plays a crucial role in creating isolated power supplies with minimized noise interference, making it a valuable component in applications where signal integrity and safety are paramount. To ensure optimal performance and integration in your designs, refer to the official datasheet and application notes for comprehensive information on using the SN6505BDBVR effectively.

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