SPX1117M3-L-3-3 MaxLinear IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 800MA SOT223

The SPX1117M3-L-3-3 is a linear voltage regulator IC manufactured by MaxLinear. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Manufacturer: MaxLinear
  • Part Number: SPX1117M3-L-3-3
  • Type: IC REG (Integrated Circuit Regulator)
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • Output Current: 800mA
  • Package: SOT-223

The SPX1117M3-L-3-3 is designed to provide a regulated 3.3V output voltage with a maximum continuous output current of 800mA.

The SOT-223 package is a small outline transistor package with three leads, suitable for surface mount applications, offering good power dissipation characteristics and easy installation.

This voltage regulator is suitable for use in various electronic applications where a stable 3.3V power source is required, such as in low-power embedded systems, small electronic devices, and various microcontroller-based applications.

DataSheet SPX1117M3-L-3-3 PDF

The SPX1117M3-L-3-3 is a linear voltage regulator IC designed and manufactured by MaxLinear. Here's a breakdown of its configuration, function, and application fields:


  • Type: Linear Voltage Regulator
  • Package: SOT-223 (Surface Mount Package with 3 pins)
  • Pinout: The specific pinout for the SOT-223 package includes pins for input voltage, ground, and regulated output voltage. It's important to refer to the datasheet for the exact pin configuration.

Function: The SPX1117M3-L-3-3 is designed to regulate an input voltage to a stable 3.3V output voltage. Linear voltage regulators operate by using a voltage reference and a feedback control loop to maintain a constant output voltage. They are capable of providing a stable power source for connected devices or circuits, effectively reducing fluctuations in the input voltage and providing a steady output voltage despite changes in the input voltage or load variations.

Application Field:

  • Low-Power Embedded Systems: This type of regulator is suitable for various low-power embedded systems, including microcontroller-based devices, sensors, and small electronic devices.
  • Microcontroller Power Supplies: It can be used to provide a stable power source for microcontrollers, helping to ensure reliable and consistent operation.
  • Consumer Electronics: This regulator can be utilized in a wide range of consumer electronic devices, including battery-powered devices, IoT devices, and other similar products.
  • Industrial Applications: It is suitable for various industrial applications where stable and regulated power is essential.

In summary, the SPX1117M3-L-3-3 linear voltage regulator is well-suited for applications that require a stable 3.3V power supply with a moderate output current, especially in space-constrained designs, portable electronics, and low-power microcontroller systems.

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