Syfer 1825J1K50331JCR: Purpose, characteristics, heat dissipation

The Syfer 1825J1K50331JCR is a specific type of surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitor manufactured by Syfer Technologies. Here are the details based on this specific component:



As a ceramic capacitor, the 1825J1K50331JCR is used for various purposes including:

  1. Energy Storage: Like all capacitors, ceramic capacitors store and release electrical energy.
  2. Filtering: Used to filter out noise and stabilize voltage in electronic circuits.
  3. Decoupling: Prevents noise and interference between different parts of a circuit.
  4. Timing: Used in timing circuits to create specific time delays.


  • Capacitance: The "1K" in the part number likely indicates a capacitance of 1nF.
  • Voltage Rating: The "50331" likely indicates the voltage rating of the capacitor, which would need to be referred to the datasheet for the specific value, as each manufacturer's coding may vary.
  • Tolerance: The "J" in the part number likely indicates the tolerance, often J stands for ±5% tolerance.
  • Temperature Stability: Ceramic capacitors have good temperature stability.

Heat Dissipation:

Ceramic capacitors are generally known for their high insulation resistance and stable performance, which results in low heat dissipation under normal operating conditions. Ceramic capacitors are designed to handle heat dissipation well within their specified ratings.

However, it is important to consider the operating environment and the power dissipation in the circuit to ensure that the capacitor operates within its specified temperature limits, which can typically be found in the component's datasheet.

For specific technical information about the Syfer 1825J1K50331JCR, it is best to refer to the manufacturer's documentation, including the datasheet, or reach out to Syfer Technologies for detailed specifications and guidelines.

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