T520B107M006ATE015 KEMET CAP TANT POLY 100UF 6.3V 1411

The code "T520B107M006ATE015" corresponds to a specific type of capacitor manufactured by KEMET. Here is the breakdown of the code and the key specifications of the capacitor:



  • Manufacturer: KEMET

  • Part Number: T520B107M006ATE015

  • Description: CAP TANT POLY 100UF 6.3V 1411

  • Capacitance: 100µF (microfarads) (this is the nominal capacitance value of the capacitor)

  • Voltage Rating: 6.3V (maximum voltage the capacitor can withstand)

  • Capacitor Type: Tantalum Polymer (TANT POLY indicates a tantalum polymer capacitor)

  • Package Size: 1411 (this likely refers to the dimensions or package size of the capacitor)

  • DataSheet T520B107M006ATE015 PDF

Main Uses:

This specific capacitor with a capacitance of 100µF and a voltage rating of 6.3V could be used in various applications such as:

  • Decoupling Capacitor: Used to stabilize voltage and filter out noise in power supply circuits.

  • Signal Coupling: Utilized to pass AC signals while blocking DC components in coupling applications.

  • Filtering Capacitor: Commonly used for filtering noise and smoothing voltage in electronic circuits.

  • Bypass Capacitor: Employed to shunt high-frequency noise to the ground in sensitive circuits.

Working Principle:

  • Tantalum Polymer Type: Tantalum polymer capacitors are known for their stable capacitance over a wide temperature range and low equivalent series resistance (ESR).

  • 100µF Capacitance: The capacitor can store 100 microfarads of charge.

  • 6.3V Voltage Rating: The capacitor can safely withstand voltages up to 6.3 volts.

  • 1411 Package Size: The package size (1411) indicates the physical dimensions of the capacitor, facilitating proper mounting and installation on a circuit board.

Given its specifications, this KEMET capacitor (T520B107M006ATE015) could be suitable for various electronic applications requiring stable capacitance, low ESR, and effective filtering or decoupling capabilities at relatively low voltage levels.

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