TAJE337K010RNJ AVX CAP TANT 330UF 10% 10V 2917

The part number TAJE337K010RNJ is a tantalum capacitor manufactured by AVX, with the following specifications:


  • Manufacturer: AVX
  • Type: Tantalum Capacitor
  • Capacitance: 330µF (microfarads)
  • Tolerance: ±10%
  • Voltage Rating: 10V
  • Case Size: 2917

Tantalum capacitors are known for their stability and high capacitance values relative to their physical size.

The 330µF capacitance value describes the amount of electrical charge the capacitor can store. This allows it to smooth voltage fluctuations, decouple power supplies, and perform other filtering functions within electronic circuits.

The ±10% tolerance signifies the acceptable deviation from the stated capacitance value. In this case, the actual capacitance of the capacitor may vary by up to ±10% from the stated 330µF value.

The 10V voltage rating specifies the maximum voltage that the capacitor can safely withstand across its terminals.

The case size 2917 indicates the physical dimensions of the capacitor, which is important for the capacitor's integration onto a circuit board or within a system.

In summary, the TAJE337K010RNJ tantalum capacitor from AVX is designed for use in various electronic applications requiring stable capacitance, reliability, and a relatively high capacitance value within a compact package.

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