TDK-Lambda 300W-504W Quarter Brick Converters

Since 1978, TDK-Lambda has provided manufacturers with best in class power solutions. As such, the firm has a keen understanding of the demands of modern information and communication technology equipment. To that end, the firm introduced its iQG Series 300W-504W Quarter Brick Converters, a robust line of devices with a broad array of applications.


TDK-Lambda’s Quarter Brick Converters are notable for their high operational efficiency. The iQG series provides 48A at an efficiency rate of 94.5 percent. Also, the line has a nominal voltage output of 12V and an input voltage range of between 35VDC and 75VDC.

The iQG line also has a consistent output tolerance of +/-210mV, plus or minus 1.7 percent.  

Because they offer high true usable power, these Quarter Brick Converters are uniquely suited for high power applications. Moreover, the iQG series also features thermal enhancement that makes them ideal for use in harsh environments. Indeed, the line has an operational temperature range of -40°C to 124°C.

Besides, TDK-Lambda designed these devices with a dual cooling feature to keep their ambient temperature at 55°C with airflow of 400 LFM. Also, the iQG series 504W converter can operate at 70°C with the addition of a 0.5-inch heat sink. As such, these modules have the ability to lower temperature across an entire system.

Furthermore, TDK-Lambda’s 300W-504W Quarter Brick Converters deliver constant switching frequency and start with pre-biased output. The iQG series provides a predictable rate of electromagnetic interference. Also, the modules offer all these benefits with an industry-standard footprint. The line has models available at sizes of 57.91 mm x 36.83 mm x 13.21 mm and 57.91 mm x 36.83 mm x 13.97 mm.


TDK-Lambda’s iQG series primary application is in the information and communication technology sector. With their capacity to handle high-power throughputs, the Quarter Brick Converters are ideal for use in servers, routers, point-of-sale terminals, ATMs, as well as various office appliances.

The company’s modules can facilitate different parts of semiconductor manufacturing. For example, the iQG series can be used to optimize the function of component manufacturing machinery. TDK-Lambda’s Quarter Brick Converters are also useful in testing and measurement equipment.

That said, the line isn’t limited to just those two sectors. TDK-Lambda’s iQG series can be implemented in any power-intensive industrial system.

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