The Full List of cr3032 Battery Equivalents

The CR3032 battery is a specific type of coin cell battery that belongs to the CR series of lithium batteries. It is characterized by a 30mm diameter and 3.2mm thickness, providing a voltage of 3 volts. The CR3032 battery is commonly used to power various small electronic devices that require a reliable and compact power source.

Some common applications of CR3032 batteries include:

  1. Computer Motherboards: CR3032 batteries are often used as CMOS batteries on computer motherboards to provide backup power to maintain system settings and the real-time clock.

  2. Medical Devices: Certain medical devices, such as glucose meters, thermometers, and other portable healthcare devices may utilize CR3032 batteries.

  3. Wearable Devices: Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable devices sometimes use CR3032 batteries as a power source.

  4. Industrial Applications: CR3032 batteries can also be found in various industrial applications, such as sensors, data loggers, and other electronic equipment.

  5. Remote Controls: Some remote controls for electronics and appliances may use CR3032 batteries for power.

CR3032 batteries, like other lithium coin cell batteries, are known for their long shelf life, stable voltage output, and reliable performance. It is crucial to ensure that the correct battery type and size are used for your specific device to ensure optimal performance and prevent potential damage. Proper handling, storage, and disposal of CR3032 batteries are essential for safety and environmental reasons.

What is a cr3032 Battery Equivalent

If you are looking for equivalents to the 3032 battery, which typically refers to a CR3032 lithium coin cell battery, here are some alternatives that can be used in place of a 3032 battery:

  1. CR3032: The CR3032 battery is the standard reference for this specific type of lithium coin cell battery.

  2. DL3032: The DL3032 battery is a common equivalent to the CR3032 and can be used interchangeably in many devices.

  3. Energizer ECR3032: This is another equivalent option to the CR3032 battery produced by Energizer.

  4. BR3032: The BR3032 battery is also considered compatible with devices that require a CR3032 battery.

  5. LM3032: The LM3032 battery is another alternative that can be used in place of a CR3032 battery.

These equivalent batteries have similar specifications in terms of size, voltage output, and capacity, making them suitable replacements for devices that require a 3032 battery. However, always make sure to check the device manual or consult with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility and proper performance when using substitute batteries.

List of cr3032 Battery Equivalents

The CR3032 battery, as a specific type of lithium coin cell battery, may have various equivalents from different manufacturers or regional naming conventions. Here is a list of equivalents to the CR3032 battery:

  1. DL3032
  2. Energizer ECR3032
  3. BR3032
  4. LM3032
  5. KCR3032
  6. Kecr3032
  7. Citizen 280-24
  8. Seiko SB-A1/D1
  9. Sony CR3032
  10. Panasonic CR3032

These are some of the equivalent batteries that are compatible with the CR3032 lithium coin cell battery. When selecting replacement batteries, it's essential to consider factors such as size, voltage, chemistry, and compatibility with the specific device to ensure proper functionality and performance. If uncertain, consult the device manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance on suitable alternatives.


Are cr3032 Batteries and cr2032 Batteries the Same?

CR3032 batteries and CR2032 batteries are not the same, although they are very similar in many aspects. The main difference between these two types of batteries lies in their physical size. Here are the key distinctions between CR3032 and CR2032 batteries:

  1. Size: The numbers in CR3032 and CR2032 refer to the dimensions of the batteries. The "30" in CR3032 indicates a diameter of 30mm, while the "20" in CR2032 indicates a diameter of 20mm. Both have a thickness of approximately 3.2mm.

  2. Capacity: Generally, CR3032 batteries have a higher capacity compared to CR2032 batteries. This means that CR3032 batteries can typically store more energy and last longer in devices.

  3. Intended Use: Due to their larger size, CR3032 batteries are often used in devices that require a higher capacity or have more power requirements. CR2032 batteries are more commonly used in smaller devices where a smaller form factor is necessary.

While both CR3032 and CR2032 batteries have a voltage output of 3 volts, the physical size difference between the two types means that they are not interchangeable in most devices. It is crucial to use the specific battery size and type recommended by the manufacturer of your device to ensure proper fit and functionality. Always consult the device manual or contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about the correct battery type to use.

Can cr3032 Batteries Be Rechargeable?

CR3032 batteries are typically non-rechargeable lithium coin cell batteries, designed for single-use applications. It is essential to note that attempting to recharge non-rechargeable lithium coin cell batteries such as the CR3032 could be dangerous and may lead to leakage, overheating, or even rupture of the battery, posing potential safety hazards.

If you require a rechargeable option for your device, you would need to look for a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or a specifically designed rechargeable coin cell battery that matches the required specifications of your device. Using the correct type of battery, whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable, is crucial to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your electronic devices.

Always refer to the device manual or contact the manufacturer to determine the appropriate battery type, whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable, for your specific application. It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to maintain the safety and optimal performance of your electronic devices.

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