TL072BCP: Overview,Specifications,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

TL072BCP Overview:

The TL072BCP is a dual low-noise JFET-input operational amplifier widely used in audio and precision signal processing applications. Below is an overview, specifications, main uses, features, application fields, working principle, and alternative models of the TL072BCP:



  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • Op-Amp Type: Dual JFET-Input Operational Amplifier
  • Package: DIP-8, SOIC-8
  • Supply Voltage: Typically ±3V to ±18V
  • Input Offset Voltage: Typically 3 mV
  • Input Bias Current: Typically 30 pA
  • Gain Bandwidth Product: Typically 3 MHz
  • Input Noise Voltage (1 kHz): Typically 18 nV/√Hz
  • Slew Rate: Typically 13 V/µs

Main Uses:

  • Audio Applications: Ideal for audio amplifiers, mixers, equalizers, and preamplifiers.
  • Instrumentation: Used in precision instrumentation circuits, data acquisition systems, and sensor interfaces.
  • Filters: Suitable for active filter designs including low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass filters.
  • Signal Processing: Employed in various signal processing applications requiring low noise and high fidelity.


  • Low Noise: JFET inputs offer low noise characteristics, making it suitable for high-precision applications.
  • High Input Impedance: Enables interfacing with high-impedance sensors without significant loading.
  • Wide Bandwidth: Capable of handling signals up to several megahertz.
  • Low Distortion: Provides low distortion for high-fidelity audio applications.
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Swing: Can swing close to the supply rails.

Application Fields:

  • Audio Equipment: Used in audio amplifiers, mixers, and musical instrument interfaces.
  • Signal Conditioning: Employed in sensor signal conditioning circuits.
  • Active Filters: Used in active filter implementations for various frequency response modifications.
  • Professional Audio: Found in professional audio equipment due to its performance characteristics.

Working Principle:

  • The TL072BCP is a dual operational amplifier with JFET input stages, offering high input impedance and low input bias current.
  • It amplifies the voltage difference between its input terminals and produces an output signal based on the applied gain.
  • Used in various configurations such as inverting amplifiers, non-inverting amplifiers, and summing amplifiers based on the circuit requirements.

Alternative Models:

  • TL082: Similar dual JFET-input operational amplifier with higher slew rate and bandwidth.
  • TL074: Quad JFET-input operational amplifier for designs requiring multiple op-amps.
  • LM358: Dual operational amplifier with bipolar input stages for more general-purpose applications.


  • The TL072BCP is widely used in applications where low noise and high input impedance are crucial for circuit performance.
  • Always refer to the datasheet for the specific model being used for detailed specifications and application information.

The TL072BCP stands out for its low-noise characteristics, making it a go-to choice for audio applications and precision signal processing where signal fidelity is paramount.

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