TLE7184F3VXUMA2 Infineon Technologies IC MOTOR DRIVER 6V-45V 48VQFN

The TLE7184F3VXUMA2 is an integrated circuit motor driver manufactured by Infineon Technologies. Here are the specific details for this component:


  • Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies
  • Part number: TLE7184F3VXUMA2
  • Type: IC Motor Driver
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6V to 45V
  • Package: 48VQFN (48-Lead Very Thin Quad Flat No-Lead Package)

This IC motor driver supports an operating voltage range of 6V to 45V, making it suitable for a variety of motor control applications. The 48VQFN package offers a 48-lead very thin quad flat no-lead package format, intended for surface-mount applications.

The TLE7184F3VXUMA2 is designed to drive motors such as DC motors, brushless DC (BLDC) motors, and stepper motors. It is commonly used in automotive systems, industrial automation, robotics, and other applications that involve motor control.

As a dedicated motor driver IC, it is likely equipped with features such as overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and integrated power management to ensure efficient and safe motor control, making it well-suited for a broad range of motor control applications within its specified voltage range.

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