TMS320F28335PGFA Texas Instruments IC MCU 32BIT 512KB FLASH 176LQFP

The TMS320F28335PGFA is a microcontroller unit (MCU) manufactured by Texas Instruments. Here is a detailed introduction to the TMS320F28335PGFA MCU:


1. Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • Part Number: TMS320F28335PGFA
  • Type: 32-bit MCU with DSP and floating-point capabilities
  • Package: 176-LQFP (Low Profile Quad Flat Package)

2. Key Specifications:

  • Core: 32-bit TMS320C28x DSP core running at a clock frequency up to X MHz
  • Flash Memory: 512KB Flash memory for program storage
  • RAM: XKB of RAM for data storage and operations
  • Peripherals: Integrated peripherals include ADCs, PWM modules, communication interfaces (SPI, I2C, SCI), timers, and more
  • Operating Voltage: Typical operating voltage range and power consumption details
  • DataSheet TMS320F28335PGFA PDF

3. Features and Applications:

  • DSP Capabilities: Designed for digital signal processing applications with floating-point support for efficient signal processing
  • High-Performance Computing: Capable of handling complex algorithms and calculations efficiently
  • Analog and Digital Interfaces: Integrated analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs), PWM modules, and communication interfaces for interfacing with sensors, actuators, and other external devices
  • Real-Time Control: Suitable for real-time control applications in motor control, power electronics, and industrial automation
  • Development Ecosystem: Supported by Texas Instruments development tools like Code Composer Studio, controlSUITE, and other software libraries
  • High Precision: Capable of high-resolution ADC conversions and precise timing control

4. Package Information:

  • 176-LQFP Package: Low-Profile Quad Flat Package with 176 pins for external connectivity and mounting on PCBs

5. Applications:

  • Motor Control: Ideal for motor control applications including AC/DC motor control, inverter control, and power conversion
  • Power Electronics: Used in power electronics applications such as converters, inverters, and power supplies
  • Industrial Automation: Suitable for control and monitoring in industrial automation systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Used in control systems for solar inverters, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems
  • Communications Systems: Capable of handling communication protocols for embedded communication systems

6. Advantages:

  • DSP Performance: Dedicated hardware for efficient digital signal processing and floating-point calculations
  • Versatile Peripherals: Integrated modules for a wide range of control and communication applications
  • High Precision Control: Capable of executing precise control algorithms in real-time applications
  • Robust Development Tools: Supported by a comprehensive development ecosystem for software development and debugging

The TMS320F28335PGFA MCU by Texas Instruments is a specialized 32-bit microcontroller unit with DSP and floating-point capabilities, ideal for applications requiring high-performance digital signal processing, real-time control, and advanced control algorithms. With its integrated peripherals, high computational performance, and dedicated hardware for signal processing, it is well-suited for a range of applications in motor control, power electronics, industrial automation, renewable energy systems, and communication systems. The 176-LQFP package offers a convenient form factor for mounting on PCBs in various embedded system designs.

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