TNY268PN: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

TNY268PN Overview:


The TNY268PN is a power integration IC designed for offline switcher applications. It belongs to the TinySwitch-III family and incorporates multiple functions and protections within a single chip, making it suitable for compact power supplies in various applications.



  • Input Voltage Range: The range of input voltages the IC can handle.
  • Output Power: Maximum power that the IC can handle efficiently.
  • Operating Frequency: Switching frequency at which the IC operates.
  • Efficiency: How effectively the IC converts input power to output power.
  • Package Type: Physical form factor of the IC.
  • DataSheet TNY268PN PDF

Main Uses:

  • Switching Power Supplies: Commonly used in compact power supply designs.
  • AC-DC Converters: Efficiently convert AC input to regulated DC output.
  • Adapter and Charger Circuits: Power management in chargers and adapters.
  • LED Lighting: Power control in LED driver circuits.


  • Integrated MOSFET: Eliminates the need for an external power transistor.
  • Frequency Jittering: Reduces EMI emissions for better EMC performance.
  • Auto-restart: Enhanced protection feature in case of faults or overload.
  • Over Voltage Protection: Safeguards against excessive output voltage.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Helps meet energy efficiency standards.

Application Fields:

  • Consumer Electronics: Power supplies for TVs, set-top boxes, and small appliances.
  • LED Driver Circuits: Power management in lighting applications.
  • Industrial Equipment: compact power supplies for various industrial devices.
  • Home Automation: Power control in smart home devices and systems.

Working Principle:

  1. Switching Operation: The integrated MOSFET switches on and off to regulate the output voltage.
  2. Control Circuitry: Monitors feedback signals to adjust the switching frequency and duty cycle.
  3. Protections: Built-in features like overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and thermal shutdown ensure safe operation.
  4. Efficiency Optimization: The IC is designed for high efficiency by minimizing power losses.

Alternative Models:

  • TNY274PN: Another member of the TinySwitch-III family with slightly different specifications.
  • TNY280PN: Offering similar functionality with potential variations in power handling and features.

The TNY268PN is a versatile power integration IC suitable for a range of applications requiring compact, efficient power supplies. When selecting an alternative model, consider factors like power handling, efficiency, and specific application requirements. Refer to the datasheet and technical documentation for detailed specifications and performance characteristics of these ICs.

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