The TOP245YN is an integrated circuit (IC) developed by Power Integrations. It is an offline switcher IC with built-in features like overvoltage protection (UVLO - Under Voltage Lockout), and it comes in a TO-220 package. This IC is commonly used in power supply applications for converting line voltage into regulated DC voltage efficiently. Here is a summary of the TOP245YN IC:


TOP245YN Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Power Integrations
  • IC Type: Offline Switcher IC
  • Features: UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout), Overvoltage Protection
  • Package: TO-220 (Through-Hole)
  • Application: Power supply circuits for various electronic devices

Key Features:

  • Offline Operation: Designed for powering devices directly from the AC mains without the need for a bulky transformer.
  • Switching Regulator: Utilizes a switching regulator topology for high efficiency power conversion.
  • UVLO (Under Voltage Lockout): Ensures that the IC only operates within specified voltage limits for proper functioning.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Protects the circuit from voltage spikes or overvoltage conditions.
  • Internal Safety Features: May include features like overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown for safe operation.
  • Efficiency: Offers good efficiency in power conversion applications.
  • DataSheet TOP245YN PDF

Typical Applications:

  • Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS): Commonly used in SMPS designs for various consumer electronics and industrial applications.
  • LED Drivers: Employed in LED driver circuits for efficient power delivery to LEDs.
  • Power Adapters: Used in AC-DC power adapters for charging devices.
  • Auxiliary Power Supplies: Integrated into auxiliary power supplies in various equipment.

Working Principle:

  • The TOP245YN IC converts high voltage AC input into a lower voltage DC output using a switching regulator topology.
  • It operates by switching the input voltage on and off rapidly, controlling the output voltage through duty cycle modulation.
  • The UVLO feature ensures that the IC only operates within safe voltage ranges, protecting the circuit components.


  • Power Integrations is known for producing high-quality ICs for power supply applications, providing robust and efficient solutions.
  • Consult the datasheet and application notes provided by Power Integrations for detailed information on circuit design and application recommendations.

The TOP245YN IC from Power Integrations is an efficient offline switcher IC ideal for power supply circuits requiring high efficiency and reliable performance. When designing power supplies or related circuits using the TOP245YN, refer to the manufacturer's documentation for comprehensive guidelines on usage, circuit design considerations, and ensuring safe and optimized operation in your applications.

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