Tpn8r903nl Toshiba Electronic Devices MOSFET N-CH 30V 20A 8TSON

The part number Tpn8r903nl refers to a specific MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) manufactured by Toshiba Electronic Devices. Here's the breakdown of its details:


  • Manufacturer: Toshiba Electronic Devices
  • Type: MOSFET
  • Channel Type: N-Channel (N-CH)
  • Voltage Rating: 30V (indicating its maximum rated voltage)
  • Current Rating: 20A (indicating its maximum rated current)
  • Package: 8TSON (indicating its package type, which is an 8-pin Thin Small Outline No-Lead package)

MOSFETs are semiconductor devices widely used for switching and amplifying electronic signals in a variety of applications. In this context, an N-channel MOSFET like the Tpn8r903nl is designed to conduct current when a voltage is applied to the gate terminal and is commonly used in a wide range of electronic devices and circuits.

The 30V voltage rating and 20A current rating suggest that this MOSFET is suitable for medium-power applications and can handle significant current and voltage levels.

DataSheet TPN8R903NL,LQ PDF

The 8TSON package indicates how the MOSFET is physically mounted and connected to a circuit. "8TSON" is a compact package style that allows for surface mount installation, offering space efficiency and good thermal characteristics.

In summary, the Tpn8r903nl MOSFET from Toshiba Electronic Devices is designed for N-channel, low-voltage, and moderate-current applications and is offered in a space-saving, surface mountable package.

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