TPS2051BDGN Rochester Electronics TPS2051B SINGLE, CURRENT-LIMITED

The TPS2051B is a single current-limited power distribution switch manufactured by Rochester Electronics. Here are the key features and specifications of the TPS2051B:


  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics
  • Model: TPS2051B
  • Type: Single Current-Limited Power Distribution Switch
  • DataSheet TPS2051BDGN PDF

Key Features:

  1. Power Distribution Switch: The TPS2051B is a power distribution switch designed to control the distribution of power in a circuit or system.

  2. Single Channel: The TPS2051B is a single-channel power distribution switch, meaning it can control power to one load or circuit.

  3. Current-Limited: This feature ensures that the output current does not exceed a certain pre-set limit, providing overcurrent protection for the connected load.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Overcurrent Protection: The current-limiting feature of the TPS2051B is crucial for protecting downstream components from excessive current draw.

  • Distribution Control: By using a power distribution switch like the TPS2051B, you can efficiently control the flow of power to specific parts of a circuit or system.

  • Application: This device can be used in various applications where individual or multiple loads need to be controlled and protected from overcurrent situations.

Working Principle:

The TPS2051B operates by monitoring the current flowing through the switch. If the current exceeds a certain limit set by the device, the switch will limit the current to protect the load from potential damage due to overcurrent conditions.

In summary, the TPS2051B from Rochester Electronics is a single-channel current-limited power distribution switch that provides important current-limiting and power control functions in electronic circuits, ensuring protection for connected devices and components. This type of device is commonly used in various applications to manage power distribution and protect circuits from overcurrent situations.

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