TPS3809L30DBVR: Overview, Features, and Applications

The TPS3809L30DBVR is a voltage supervisor or a voltage detector IC (integrated circuit) produced by Texas Instruments. It specifically belongs to the TPS3809 family of supervisory circuits. These circuits are designed to monitor system voltages and provide a reset signal to the microcontroller or processor when the voltage drops below a certain threshold. Here's a breakdown of its overview, features, and typical applications:



The TPS3809 family of supervisory circuits offers various voltage monitoring solutions for use in microprocessor systems. They are built to continuously monitor the system voltage and provide an active-low reset signal to the microcontroller once the voltage falls below a specified threshold or during a power-on event.


The TPS3809L30DBVR, as one of the members of this family, includes the following key features:

  1. Voltage Monitoring: The IC continuously monitors the system voltage for undervoltage or power-on conditions, providing a reset signal to the microcontroller in such scenarios.
  2. Programmable Reset Time: The reset timeout period is programmable, allowing users to set the length of the reset signal following detection of an undervoltage condition.
  3. Low Quiescent Current: The device is designed with low quiescent current, reducing power consumption during normal operation.
  4. Wide Operating Voltage Range: It operates within a wide input voltage range, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
  5. Small Package Size: The IC is available in small surface-mount packages, providing flexibility and compatibility with space-constrained applications.


The TPS3809L30DBVR is commonly used in various electronic systems for voltage monitoring and system reset control, including:

  1. Microcontroller-Based Systems: Used to monitor the supply voltage and ensure a controlled system reset when voltage levels fall outside acceptable parameters.
  2. Industrial Control Systems: Often integrated into industrial control and automation systems to monitor power supply integrity and reset microcontrollers during power-up and undervoltage events.
  3. Communications Equipment: Integrated into networking equipment, servers, and communication devices to ensure reliable system operation through voltage monitoring and reset control.
  4. Automotive Systems: It is used for supervising voltage levels in automotive electronic control modules, sensors, and other critical components.
  5. Medical Devices: Utilized in medical equipment to maintain the integrity and safety of critical electronic systems by monitoring and managing voltage stability.

The TPS3809L30DBVR and other members of the TPS3809 family are versatile components that offer critical voltage supervision and reset functionality, essential for the robust operation of various electronic systems.

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