TPS62162DSGT Texas Instruments IC REG BUCK 3.3V 1A 8WSON

The TPS62162DSGT is a regulator (Reg) IC (Integrated Circuit) produced by Texas Instruments, with the following specifications:


  • Type: Buck Regulator (Step-Down Regulator)
  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • Output Current: 1A (Ampere)
  • Package: 8-WSON (8-Lead, Wettable Flank, Very Thin SSON)
  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • Model: TPS62162DSGT
  • DataSheet TPS62162DSGT PDF

Key Features:

  1. Buck Regulator: A buck regulator is a type of DC-DC converter that steps down the input voltage to a lower output voltage level efficiently.

  2. Output Voltage (3.3V): This regulator provides a regulated output voltage of 3.3V, which can be used to power various components in a circuit.

  3. Output Current (1A): The regulator is capable of delivering a maximum output current of 1A to the load.

  4. Package Type (8-WSON): The 8-WSON package is a small and compact package with eight leads, which is convenient for applications where space-saving is crucial.

Main Specifications and Uses:

  • Efficiency: Buck regulators are known for their high efficiency in stepping down voltages, making them suitable for various battery-powered or energy-efficient applications.

  • Voltage Regulation: The 3.3V output voltage makes this regulator ideal for applications that require a stable 3.3V power source.

  • Application: This regulator can be employed in various electronic devices and systems where a 3.3V power source with a maximum output current of 1A is needed.

Working Principle:

Buck regulators work by switching the input voltage on and off at a high frequency to convert it into a lower output voltage. The switching action, in conjunction with an inductor and other components, helps regulate the output voltage.

The TPS62162DSGT from Texas Instruments is a specific type of step-down regulator designed to efficiently convert input voltages to a stable 3.3V output voltage with a maximum output current of 1A. This regulator can be utilized in a range of applications where a regulated 3.3V power supply is required, such as in portable devices, IoT applications, embedded systems, and more.

For detailed information on pin configurations, operating conditions, efficiency, and application considerations, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet and related documentation provided by Texas Instruments for proper integration and use in your circuit design.

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