TRF600-150 Littelfuse PTC RESET FUSE 250V 150MA RADIAL

The part number TRF600-150 from Littelfuse refers to a resettable PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) fuse. Here's a breakdown of its details:


  • Manufacturer: Littelfuse
  • Voltage Rating: 250V
  • Current Rating: 150mA (milliamperes)
  • Package: Radial

This resettable PTC fuse is designed to protect electronic circuits and components from overcurrent and overvoltage events. The "resettable" aspect means that it will automatically return to a high-impedance state after the fault condition is cleared and the device has cooled down, making it reusable within its specified ratings.

The voltage rating of 250V indicates the maximum voltage that this fuse can safely handle before breaking down.

The 150mA current rating signifies the current at which the fuse will trip (increase in resistance) when an overcurrent condition occurs in the circuit.

The radial package indicates the physical form and mounting style of the device. It typically refers to a leaded package where the leads are arranged in a radial pattern, allowing for through-hole mounting on a PCB.

Overall, the TRF600-150 PTC resettable fuse is designed for applications where circuit protection against overcurrent and overvoltage conditions is required, providing a resettable solution for electronic circuits and components.

DataSheet TRF600-150 PDF

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