TYN616RG: Overview,Specifications,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models

TYN616RG Overview:

The TYN616RG is a high-voltage, high-current silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) used for switching high-power loads in AC circuits. SCRs are semiconductor devices that can control the flow of current in a circuit. Here is an overview, specifications, main uses, features, application fields, working principle, and alternative models of the TYN616RG:



  • Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
  • Type: Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
  • Package: TO-220AB
  • Voltage Rating: Typically 600V
  • Current Rating: Typically 16A
  • Gate Trigger Current (Igt): Typically around 35mA
  • Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage (Vdrm): Typically 600V
  • Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (Vrrm): Typically 600V
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 125°C
  • DataSheet TYN616RG PDF

Main Uses:

  • Power Control: Used for controlling high-power AC loads in applications such as motor control, heating control, and lighting systems.
  • Switching Applications: Utilized in circuits where precise switching of high currents is required.
  • Voltage Regulation: Employed in voltage regulation circuits where high current handling is necessary.


  • High Voltage and Current Ratings: Capable of handling relatively high voltages and currents.
  • Sensitive Gate Triggering: The SCR can be triggered to conduct current using a low-power gate signal.
  • Reliable Operation: Provides reliable switching performance in various high-power applications.
  • TO-220AB Package: Common package type that allows for easy mounting and heat dissipation.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Offers protection against overvoltage conditions.

Application Fields:

  • Industrial Control Systems: Found in motor control units, HVAC systems, and industrial automation equipment.
  • Power Supplies: Used in regulating power supplies and inverters.
  • Lighting Control: Employed in lighting control circuits for dimming and switching operations.
  • Heating Systems: Utilized in temperature control systems for heating elements.

Working Principle:

  • The SCR is a four-layer semiconductor device that can control the flow of current when triggered by a gate signal.
  • Once triggered, the SCR conducts current until the current drops below a certain level or the voltage across it is reversed.
  • It acts like a switch in controlling the flow of alternating current in a circuit.

Alternative Models:

  • TYN612RG: Lower current rating SCR from the same series.
  • TYN616RG-1: Variant with slightly different specifications.
  • MAC97A6: Another popular SCR used in similar high-power AC control applications.


  • SCRs like the TYN616RG are crucial components in applications where high-power AC switching and control are needed.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer's datasheet for detailed specifications, application notes, and circuit design guidelines when working with SCRs.

The TYN616RG SCR is a reliable component for high-power AC control applications, offering robust performance, high current and voltage ratings, and sensitive gate triggering for precise control in various industrial and power electronics applications.

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