The US1M-E3/61T is a general-purpose rectifier diode manufactured by Vishay. Here is an overview of the US1M-E3/61T diode:


US1M-E3/61T Diode Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Vishay
  • Part Number: US1M-E3/61T
  • Type: General Purpose Rectifier Diode
  • Package: DO-214AC (SMA)
  • Voltage Rating: 1000V
  • Current Rating: 1A
  • DataSheet US1M-E3/61T PD

Key Features:

  • General Purpose Rectifier: Suitable for various rectification applications.
  • Voltage Rating: Capable of withstanding up to 1000V in the reverse direction.
  • Current Rating: Designed to handle up to 1A of continuous forward current.
  • DO-214AC Package: DO-214AC (SMA) is a surface-mount package for easy mounting on PCBs.


The US1M-E3/61T diode finds applications in various electronic circuits, including:

  • Power supplies
  • Voltage rectification
  • Battery chargers
  • DC power conversion
  • Inverter circuits
  • Snubber circuits

Working Principle:

  • The US1M-E3/61T operates as a rectifier, allowing current flow in one direction while blocking it in the reverse direction.
  • It converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) by allowing current to flow when the diode is forward biased.

Suggested Projects:

  • Power supply designs
  • Battery charger circuits
  • Voltage multiplier circuits
  • Welding machine power supplies
  • Flyback diode for inductive loads
  • Voltage regulation circuits


  • Refer to the datasheet provided by Vishay for detailed specifications, characteristic curves, and application notes specific to the US1M-E3/61T rectifier diode.
  • Ensure that the diode's voltage and current ratings match the requirements of your circuit for safe and efficient operation.

The US1M-E3/61T rectifier diode from Vishay is a reliable component for rectification tasks in various electronic systems, offering robust voltage and current handling capabilities in a compact surface-mount package for ease of integration onto PCBs.

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