W634GU6NB-11 Winbond Electronics Corporation IC DRAM 4GBIT PARALLEL 96VFBGA

The W634GU6NB-11 is a specific DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) IC (Integrated Circuit) manufactured by Winbond Electronics Corporation. Here is some information about this particular DRAM IC:


Main Uses/Application Fields:

  • Computers and Servers: DRAM modules are extensively used in computers and servers for primary storage of data and program code that are actively being used.
  • Consumer Electronics: Integrated into devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and smart TVs for fast data access.
  • Networking Equipment: Utilized in routers, switches, and networking devices for buffering and fast data processing.
  • Industrial Applications: Employed in industrial control systems, automation equipment, and embedded systems for data storage and processing.

Working Principle:

  • Memory Cell Structure: DRAM stores data in a cell made of a capacitor and a transistor. The capacitor holds the data bit (charged for 1, uncharged for 0), and the transistor controls read and write operations.
  • Refresh: DRAM requires periodic refreshing of data as the capacitors leak charge over time. This process is managed by the memory controller.
  • Access Speed: DRAM provides faster access to data compared to non-volatile memory types like NAND Flash, making it suitable for applications where speed is crucial.
  • Parallel Interface: In this specific IC, data is transferred to and from the DRAM using a parallel interface, enabling the simultaneous transfer of multiple bits.

Being a 4 Gbit DRAM, the W634GU6NB-11 can store a significant amount of data and is suitable for applications requiring higher memory densities. The 96-VFBGA package indicates a very fine pitch Ball Grid Array, which is a compact form factor suitable for modern electronic devices with limited space.

For further technical details, electrical characteristics, timing specifications, and other specific information about the W634GU6NB-11 DRAM IC, it is recommended to refer to the official datasheet or documentation provided by Winbond Electronics Corporation.

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