What are the commonly used data acquisition chips

Data acquisition (DAQ) chips are fundamental components in the process of measuring and collecting data from the real world and converting it into digital data for processing. Several commonly used data acquisition chips include:


  1. Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs): These chips take analog signals and convert them into digital data. Commonly used ADC chips include those from Analog Devices (AD7476, AD7091R), Texas Instruments (ADS1256, ADS1015), and Maxim Integrated (MAX11100, MAX11644).

  2. Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs): DACs do the opposite of ADCs, converting digital data into analog signals. Widely used DAC chips include those from Analog Devices (AD5628, AD5761), Texas Instruments (DAC8564, DAC8830), and Maxim Integrated (MAX5314, MAX5715).

  3. Sensor Interface Chips: These chips facilitate communication with various sensors, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and more. Examples include Analog Devices' ADuCM355 and Texas Instruments' LMP91000.

  4. Multiplexers (MUX): MUX chips are used to select between multiple input channels and feed the selected input to a single output. Texas Instruments offers several MUX chips, such as the CD74HC4051 and the CD4052B.

  5. Digital Potentiometers: These chips can be used in applications where variable resistance is required, and the resistance needs to be controlled digitally. Examples include ADI's AD8403 and Maxim Integrated's MAX5481.

  6. Voltage Reference Chips: These chips provide stable and precise reference voltages, which are essential in many measurement and instrumentation applications. Popular voltage reference chips are the REF50xx series from Texas Instruments and the ADR44xx series from Analog Devices.

  7. Isolation Amplifiers: These chips provide galvanic isolation between input and output signals, typically used in applications where signal isolation is essential for safety and noise immunity. Texas Instruments and Analog Devices both provide a wide range of isolation amplifier chips.

For each of these categories, there are multiple chips available on the market, each with its own features, accuracy, speed, and interface options. The choice of specific chips will depend on the requirements of the application, such as accuracy, sampling rate, resolution, power consumption, and cost.

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