ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 TDK Corporation CMC 500MA 2LN 2KOHM SMD AEC-Q200

ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 CMC Overview

The ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 is a Common Mode Choke (CMC) manufactured by TDK Corporation. Here's an overview of this component:


Common Mode Choke (CMC):

  • Manufacturer: TDK Corporation
  • Part Number: ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01
  • Type: Surface-Mount Device (SMD)
  • Application: Designed for automotive applications and complies with the AEC-Q200 automotive qualification standard.
  • DataSheet ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 PDF

Key Specifications:

  • Current Rating: 500mA
  • Number of Lines: 2 lines
  • Impedance: 2 kOhms

Features and Applications:

  • Automotive Grade: AEC-Q200 qualification ensures that the component meets stringent automotive industry standards for reliability and performance.
  • Common Mode Choke: Used for filtering common mode noise in electronic circuits, especially in automotive applications where electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is crucial.
  • Impedance: The 2 kOhm impedance helps attenuate common mode noise while allowing differential signals to pass through with minimal interference.

Importance of Common Mode Chokes:

  • EMI Suppression: CMCs are vital for reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) by filtering out common mode noise that can cause disruptions in sensitive electronic systems.
  • Signal Integrity: By attenuating common mode noise, these chokes help maintain signal integrity and minimize interference in communication and data transmission systems.
  • Compliance: Automotive-grade components like the ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 are essential for meeting the rigorous standards and requirements of automotive electronics applications.


  • Automotive Electronics: Used in various automotive systems such as engine control units (ECUs), infotainment systems, and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).
  • Power Electronics: Employed in power supply circuits to suppress noise and ensure stable operation of devices.
  • Communication Systems: Integrated into communication interfaces to enhance signal quality and reduce electromagnetic interference.


  • Datasheet: Refer to the datasheet provided by TDK Corporation for detailed electrical characteristics, mechanical specifications, and application guidelines specific to the ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 CMC.
  • Installation: Proper layout and placement of the common mode choke are essential for effective noise suppression and optimal performance in the circuit.

The ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01 CMC from TDK Corporation, designed for automotive applications and compliant with the AEC-Q200 standard, serves as a crucial component for EMI suppression and noise filtering in electronic systems where maintaining signal integrity and reliability is paramount.

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